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Shakhrisabz History of one sight

Shakhrisabz History of one sight

In the Kashkadarya region, there is a wonderful garden city called Shakhrisabz. The city has a very ancient history, has gone through a lot of things, no wonder, because more than 2.5 thousand years have passed since the founding of Shakhrisabz. It is best known as the birthplace of the famous Tamerlane (Amir Temur).

In the center of the city there is the ancient complex Ak-Saray (white palace) - a real ancient diamond. The palace was the favorite residence of Tamerlane, he put his whole soul into its construction. Hundreds of craftsmen and architects were invited. The construction of Ak-Saray began immediately after the ruler strengthened his power in Maverannahr (1380); construction work lasted 24 years. Ak-Saray was a true masterpiece of its time, the skill of decoration and the power of the palace amazed not only the indigenous people, but also foreign guests.
It is not surprising, because the palace occupied a huge area, exact figures cannot be established to this day, and all because of the natural destruction of the soil. Ak-Saray had an unprecedented height of the main gate, about seventy meters, the towers were dilapidated, but preserved to this day. The main highlight of the architectural miracle was the pool on the roof of the palace, the skillfully made reservoir had a cascading waterfall, and water came into it from a mountain river.

The decoration of the palace deserves special attention - hundreds of the best craftsmen were involved in the work. All the facades of the buildings were covered with hand-painted tiles. The rooms and premises inside were also decorated and decorated with gold paint. The yards of Ak-Saray were paved with magnificent white slabs, and each courtyard had such incredible gardens that they were described as a heavenly place.

The remains of the once majestic and luxurious Ak-Saray palace have survived to this day, all the former splendor can be imagined in the parts that remain intact, it is not for nothing that this monument is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Fund. The centuries-old walls are awe-inspiring, because no one will know how much they have seen in their history.

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